Jef Van Gool

Hi there,

I am Jef, I can tell a lot about myself and so that’s what I will do on this website. But to sum it up I’ll just say I love life.

A little something about me:

I grew up in a small village (Essen, Belgium) on the border of The Netherlands. I grew up in a furniture shop and as a young kid in school I was never motivated to do my best… This kind of describes my life… I was diagnosed ADD, I thought this was a trouble, now I see this as a special gift. The best comment I ever got was to find a motivation.  Where are my passions and where are they coming from?

I love to be outdoors and go all out in active sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or surfing, mountain biking. These activities empty my mind. So wherever I am, I am always looking for ways to explore the world in an active way.

My mother was a nurse but worked almost all of her live in the bedding/furniture shop she ran with my father. My mother and here mother gave me a passion for gardening, nature and good food. She is very active in artistic activities like Ikebana and acryl painting, she used to be responsible for interior design in the furniture store she ran.

My father was a son of a carpenter and took over the furniture shop from his father who took over the furniture production unit from his father who in his place ran a warehouse on the border where goods where stocked before passing customs (that’s almost 100 years ago). So my father made this furniture store into one of the first specialized bedding stores in the Benelux. Also he was one of the founding fathers of the first furniture shopping mall in the Netherlands (WOOON – Leiderdorp). He was very active in furniture industry organizations. I learned a lot about business and being kind to one another. He was a very philosophical person and I have good memories of having great discussions at any moment of the day. He passed away in 2014 and I still miss him every day.

As a young kid with ADD living in a house with two brothers (an older and a younger one) I was always playing so my parents put me on boarding school (I hated it at first). I passed in 5 schools before quitting school, then went back to another school to finally get a degree. Before I finally got a ‘real’ degree, I got a degree in ‘life’. I went to work in the mountains as a ‘saisonnier’. I lived for 2 seasons between real French ‘montagnards’ and totally loved it, snowboarding and living for the next powder day. To see my list of current degrees you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I had a rather difficult growing up, not that I did not had a loving family, not at all. But looking back I realized I never got a bigger goal (except the vague mission of living for today) I missed a mission statement to put my talents to work for the greater good. Somewhere in life I got sidetracked and since I understand this I am trying to build my own track.

Today I have 3 simple goals in life:

  • to have quality time with my beautiful wife and kids
  • to live self-sufficient (in any way possible: food, economically, socially and spiritually)
  • to surf everyday (the flow of the day, a wave or some powder snow)

So, what am I up to today?

Since 2015 I run Sherlock SEO Agency a Search Engine agency where we help business build sustainable business with the help of SEO tactics. Did you know Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc are all search engines? No well you should and if you need a more robust look into thing you should consider Sherlock SEO 😉

Since February 2017 I have started a programming school in Antwerp, Smartninja, you can learn to code and learn the skills of the 21st century.

Together with my wife we took over the biggest platform for coaches in Flanders Belgium, Sign up for our coachee newsletter here, or follow us on Facebook/activateme.BE In the newsletter you will receive news about coaching sessions, workshops and lessons from all kind of self-development activities from Belgium an abroad.

I have plans for the future, you might read about here in the near future as I hope to get some personal updates on here more often.

For now; I am out to check out a new skateboarding pool in the freezing cold 😉

Want to follow some more personal updates you can connect on Twitter.

So for now I say … to be continued