Online marketing links

Since the first time I got into online marketing (early 2000’s) I gathered quite some online marketing links. From strategy to social. If you are looking into interesting sites with quality information check this page. My goal is to keep this page updated once per year. 

This is just the starting point. So come back anytime and find more links when you return.

Today most of my time goes into running my own SEO Agency. 

From Analysis to Strategy with Kaushik.

The first time I got into Kaushik’s work my jaw literally fell on the floor. The amount and quality Kaushik has given us is extraordinary. When you want to become an analysis ninja read his books (Analytics 2.0 and Analytics an hour a day). Don’t care about the old stuff, this is exactly what will make you understand modern analytics tools at a much deeper level. After all the theoretical stuff you will get a hands on approach for your analytical web projects. -> Kaushik 

Mastering the SEO basics with Moz.

Moz must be the most well known SEO source of information on the web. They have an awesome tool (although I have never used it 😉 -> Moz

Competitive insights and monitoring online growth from SEO and PPC

When you outgrow free tools and want a performance tool to analyse lots of data quickly you should try Semrush. Before I went all in I tried to use the tool for free for a couple of queries. But off course if you really want to save time and not want to build a tool yourself you can get a subscription and receive massive amounts of data and insights. 

Sometimes I hear people say ’99€ is a lot of money’ but this is only true when you throw it away. When you use the software everyday it will become a part of your business and you will love it. Today Semrush is a vital part of our agency. With the biggest keyword database globally, a thorough site audit and quality rank tracking up to local geography this tool is the Swiss Army Knife of digital marketing software. 

You don’t have to believe me, try it out for yourself, as an affiliate I can offer you a 14 day free trial to a SEMRUSH PRO subscription 😉

Moving fast forward in Digital.

When you have the basics right you might want to move to a more higher level, these links offer some world class blogs:

Google might need some structure.

Google has many information on different fronts. Let’s bring some structure in the Google clutter. Imagine going to a blank homepage where you need to search for everything you don’t even know you need. (Yes, pun intended)

I will certainly add more links in the future here.